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I believe in a cognitive behavioral approach to counseling combined with Brief Solution Focused Therapy (BSFT) and reality therapy to help my clients achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

The aim of cognitive behavioral therapy is to allow clients to understand how their actions and behaviors contribute to their current life situation. In addition, it helps them understand how making slight changes can make significant differences in their life, and therefore, significant improvements in their overall well-being.

Brief Solution Focused Therapy focuses on what clients want to achieve in therapy as opposed to focusing on the issues that caused them to seek counseling. It allows clients to break seemingly insurmountable issues into small, attainable goals. Using BSFT combined with a cognitive behavioral approach allows clients to reach therapeutic milestones more quickly.

One of the core principles of reality therapy is that all humans are always acting to meet five basic needs: power, love and belonging, freedom, fun, and survival. It involves a straightforward and honest line of communication between the therapist and the client.

My Approach

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